Nyonya Cooking

Weibliche Nachkommen einer chinesischen Ethnizität die im 15. Jahrhundert in das malaiische Archipel ausgewandert sind.

Wie eine echte Nyonya kocht Grace echtes asiatisches Essen mit frischen Zutaten.

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Lonely meal idea: Do you cook when you are all alone? I whipped this up in 10 minutes, Kim Chi Fried Rice. Rice was cooked few hours ago and all I had to do was to use some homemade Kim Chi, add an egg, some Gochujang (spicy soya paste), fish sauce and frozen seafood. Taa-daa!! Why buy pre-made food when you can make this easily. #lonelymealidea
Full recipe for 1 person:
3 tablespoons of Kim Chi (add more if you like it spicy)
1 tablespoon of Kim Chi juice
0.5 tablespoon of Gochujang
0.5 tablespoon of fish sauce or soy sauce 
Pinch of pepper and salt
2 tablespoons of frozen seafood
1 egg
1 garlic clove 
1. Sauté minced garlic with some oil at medium heat.
2. Add Kim Chi and Gochujang once garlic is fragrant.
3. Then, sauté frozen seafood for 30 seconds. Increase heat to the maximum.
4. Add rice to pan, along with Kim Chi juice and fish sauce. 
5. Set rice at the side of the pan, fry an egg with a teaspoon of oil. When egg is almost cooked, mix with rice.
6. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. 
7. Garnish with some fresh scallions. I love some top it up with some furikake too.
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Today is Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! In Frankfurt, the sunset is going to be at 9.39pm. It feels nice to have finally more sun and daylight BUT boy, the heat is too much. We are reaching 32 Celsius today and that's not bad compared to 37 Celsius tomorrow. If you didn't know, air conditioning is not common in Europe. That makes it even more painful. 😭Only if my fats get melted away in such heat...... Anyway, during such hot weather, some may prefer to enjoy some ice cream but I just love a simple cup of
Yuhuuu!! It's Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) time. In Germany, afternoons are meant for cakes 😋 Most are the cakes are coated with chocolate which I am, unfortunately, not a big fan but I found my love for a very specific German cake. Say hello to Frankfurter Kranz (Frankfurt Crown) which is a Frankfurt speciality. It's a sponge cake with butter cream icing and jam, topped with some brittle nuts. What is your favourite cake? p/s: I miss @secretrecipemy durian cake! But I think it's only available during durian season. SWIPE LEFT 👈🏻 to see the beautiful layers 🍰 #eatlikeanyonya
I loveeee buying fruits which are in season. Don't you just love strawberries?!!! At the moment, we get really sweet and aromatic strawberries which are grown locally ❤️❤️❤️ Strawberries which are imported and sold in the other months taste like flavoured water - empty. 😣 so I'm really ecstatic with the big batches of 🍓🍓🍓available now! Before the season ends, I hope to pluck some strawberries on my own in a farm nearby. 👉🏻👈🏻 have you tried plucking strawberries?? Any tips?? 👀 #eatlikeanyonya
Oh oh hello you. I'm back with posting here instead of insta stories. It is really addictive!!! Which do you prefer - stories or normal posts?? 🤔 Btw, did you already watch the video San Bei Ji - Literally translated as Three Cup Chicken. Ever since we released the video (link on bio), we received some really awesome feedback and our Muslim viewers even tried the recipe (omitted wine) for Iftar. 😘 Thank you for trying out the recipeeee 💕💕 In the next few days, we will be releasing one of my utmost favourite recipe. Hints: Spicy, saucy, seafood and great for Iftar. Yes, the recipe has been requested many times 😝 #eatlikeanyonya
Yeaaa...how do I end a video when I'm eating something so delicious? 🤔🤣 like when you're eating something while enjoying every bite and something just came in between to disturb the moment....it's a serious issue I tell you! #firstworldproblems The #chillipanmee video has been a hit! Thank you guys 💃🏻have you watched, liked and shared it? All on nyonyacooking.com 🔥🌶🍜